Thursday, November 12, 2015


Hello dear ones!

Well, I finally went to get my breast thermogram at Silk Thermal Imaging here in San Diego. I was very fortunate to meet Catherine Johnson, who runs STI, about 8 years ago. I've since had the privilege of hearing her speak on the subject of women's health and breast cancer many, many times. By the time I was in my mid-30s, I'd made up my mind that, when the time came, I'd get my breast cancer prevention screening via thermogram, not mammogram. 

Thermographic technology has been around since the 1970s, but I am still surprised how many women have never heard of it. Here's a great video by Dr. Mercola, explaining the benefits of breast screening by thermography:
I thought I'd take you along with me to my screening, to meet Catherine and to see how easy it is to get a thermogram. Catherine was such a sport about appearing on camera!

STAY TUNED for my "results" video! I promise to let you know what they say. 

Whichever preventive health screening technology you choose to employ, please don't neglect your health this holiday season! Don't put off addressing those nagging symptoms because the best gift you can give to the people you love is a HEALTHY YOU.

For more information about thermography, please visit:

Wishing you GOOD HEALTH with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Video REVIEW: Women's Wellness Conference 2015

Many of you have asked about my impression of the Women's Wellness Conference I attended last month. It was such a terrific, inspiring experience. I learned so much and I only attended ONE DAY of this annual three day conference. Here's my video review:

Right now you can get unlimited viewing of ALL the talks for only $47! Click HERE to learn more. Here's just a taste of what I saw:
Don't miss out on next year's conference or the Longevity Now conference, coming in April of next year. If you are in or near Southern California, GO. If not, look for opportunities to stream this valuable information on their website (linked above).

I really believe that no one is going to be a better advocate for your health than YOU. We owe it to ourselves to take advantage of all the information available so we can make educated choices that are uniquely relevant to each of us.

I can't wait for a chance to attend the next conference that this impressive team puts together. 

By the way-the thyroid doctor is Alan Christiansen. His book is The Adrenal Reset Diet (not an affiliate link).

Wishing you love and health with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

Disclosure: I was granted a press pass to attend this event for review purposes. The above is my honest opinion. No, really!

Monday, October 12, 2015


You are so naturally meeeeeee....

In my last post, I shared my results of the Hormone Reset Diet. The last phase of the "diet" is to eliminate as many toxins as possible from your home and personal products. That wasn't a huge change for me, but I did give my makeup drawer a mini-makeover. I actually found some great products that were free from harmful, endocrine disrupting chemicals! Watch the video to see some of my favorites.

What's your favorite natural beauty product?

Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

RESULTS of the Hormone Reset Diet PLUS Natural Makeup Finds!

WARNING: 2 VERY long videos ahead! You might want to just play them in the background while you do something productive. :)
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Hello lovelies!

I am getting ready to attend the Women's Wellness Conference in Orange County at the end of this week-I can't wait to geek out with some of my fave health gurus! One speaker I'm particularly looking forward to hearing is Dr. Sara Gottfried, who wrote The Hormone Reset Diet, a 21-day detox/reset that I've just completed (see my last post). What were my results? Watch (or listen to) the video to find out!
I made that video about a week ago and yes, I am still eating as though I am on the Hormone Reset Diet! I'm feeling terrific so there's no real reason to change anything for the time being.

One thing I forgot to mention was that the final phase of the diet involves removing household cleaners and personal care products that contain potential endocrine disruptors. I'd mostly done this already but I had to admit my makeup bag had some seriously toxic stuff in it. Did I find any great replacements? I did! Watch the video to find out.
I really love the SkinDeep app, I hope they continue to add more products to their database.

Do YOU have any natural makeup faves? Let me know!

Wishing you love with extra cheese,
Nacho Mama