Friday, October 17, 2014

NEW PODCAST! Ep.62: Halloween Survival Guide

It's been waaay too long! But I've finally carved out some time to get back to Nacho Mama's Podcast and answer some of the questions you've been sending me about getting through the holidays. Yes, they're coming!

I've been getting a lot of questions about getting through HALLOWEEN. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. But for many years of my adulthood, Halloween meant buying candy in September, eating it all, buying it again in October, passing it out to a few cute kids and then shutting off the lights so I could sit on the sofa eating the rest of the candy while watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". 

But after I joined Weight Watchers, my husband and I started changing the way we approach Halloween. Now it's the kickoff for a healthy, active holiday season. So I decided to share my 6 Top Tips for enjoying Halloween without destroying your health goals!

Click the player to listen NOW (or subscribe to Nacho Mama's Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher):

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Get Dani's FABULOUS tips (including her candy list, with Points) for Halloween HERE.
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Follies (Fallies?) and Book VS Movie: THE PRINCESS BRIDE

Happy FALL!! (No really, I mean it this time. Mother Nature has finally dropped the temperatures down to the high 70s around here. Brrrrr!)
Did someone say FALL?
I know, I've been seriously neglecting Nacho Mama's Podcast lately. Things have been crazy around here. The water heater burst at my studio AND at home(nothing like a cold shower to make you appreciate the unseasonable warmth), the oven broke, a bunch of electrical outlets suddenly stopped know the drill. And all of this while preparing to move and doing TONS of training for the NEW ROLE I'll soon be taking on at Weight Watchers (more on that later, it's seriously weeks of training but it should be fun).

Since we've got the holiday's coming up, though, I'm planning to do a series of short podcasts to address some of the pitfalls we'll all be facing and share some of the best advice I've heard on how to handle them. If you don't already subscribe to the podcast, just search "Nacho Mama's Podcast" on iTunes or Stitcher.

In the meantime...I have not one but TWO new episodes of "Book VS Movie" for your enjoyment (yeah, I've been busy doing that as well. Where do I find the time?). First, we take on The Firm. Tom Cruise as a star player on the Harvard Basketball team? Annnnd it gets less believable from there. Listen HERE or by searching for "Book VS Movie" on iTunes or Stitcher.

And now, our 7th episode: The Princess Bride. Did you know it was a book? Inconceivable! Click the player to listen now.

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How is your Fall going? What are you going to be for Halloween?Do you even dress up? We still do most of the time. My husband thinks I should be the Long Island Medium. I'm totally considering it. In other news, I am not missing The Biggest Loser AT ALL. What do you think of it this season, if you're watching? I'm dying to know if it's improved!

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Monday, October 6, 2014

VIDEO Viewer Question: Simply Filling Cereals? Plus HALLOWEEN FOOD FINDS!

Hello all!

Is it fall where you are? Mother Nature is being a serious diva out here in California. Nevertheless, I am forging ahead, preparing for Halloween (though not quite dragging out the fall clothes yet). 

Today on Youtube, I'm answering a VIEWER QUESTION: Are there Simply Filling COLD CEREALS? (Submit YOUR questions to or in the comments)

Plus-a couple of awesome Halloween Food Finds from Target!

I'm almost at 500 subscribers, what? When I get there, I'll have an awesome Youtube-only giveaway so please subscribe if you haven't already!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#OOTD Forcing Fall

Hello fabulous ones!
The calendar says it's finally fall, but the thermostat here in Southern California says the calendar has another think comin'!

Fall is my FAVORITE time of year, so I've decided to forge ahead, even though I'm still running the AC. 

It all starts with the's an #OOTD that pretty much exemplifies my fall fashion:

I LOVE tunics in fall! Mostly because I love dresses (except sweater dresses, which I always find get too lumpy and hot by the day's end) and most tunics fit me like a dress, since I'm just under 5'2". See where this tunic hits the model vs where it hits me?

It pretty much never gets cold enough here to require boots. I love them and usually buy a pair but I decided to skip it last fall and never noticed the difference. So today it's leggings with patent ballet flats. 

Olivia patent ballet flats by Vionic
I was drawn to this tunic (by Susan Graver, you know how I love my QVC!) not only for the comfort factor but because the print reminds me of the work of Vera Neumann, one of my favorite designers. My mom wore a lot of Vera when I was a kid and I guess it made an impression. I also like that a fall tunic looks great on women of every size and shape. 
Vera Neumann print (source)
The bag is Betsey Johnson (yes, from DWTS) aka my FAVORITE FASHION DESIGNER OF ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME!

I have my eye on you, Betsey bag. You're next!

While I love fashion, I hate hunting for clothes at the mall, so I always order things online. I have more great tunics and looks coming in the mail, so stay tuned!

Leggings: Bally shapewear legging, I got these in a swag bag at a blogger lunch hosted by the beautiful Monique of Curves and Chaos four years ago and they're still going strong. I think they were from Macy's?

Bag: Betsey Johnson, find similar on

Wishing you love with extra cheese-
Nacho Mama

Disclosure: This is an unsolicited review, all products were purchased by me with my own, hard-earned cash. Except for the leggings. Thanks, Monique!